Revenue per Lead Maximized

A leading pay per call publisher turned to ROIVerify to maximize revenue per lead.

The client's initial situation

The client typically hard-coded the routing of his phone leads to one buyer at a time

The client had more than one campaign running for the same brand, so he allocated traffic to each of his campaigns on a one to one basis

The client consistently saw 15% to 20% of calls being from repeat callers and wanted to see if it was possible to monetize those calls

Our approach to maximizing revenue per lead

ROIVerify’s bots not only qualify leads but the bots have a built-in call router that allows the bot to route calls depending on client-defined variables such as geo, day of the week, unique vs repeat caller, etc.
We built an AI Engine which feeds from call tracking logs (e.g. from Invoca, Leadspedia, Ringba, etc) and predicts, in real-time, where the call should be routed to maximize revenue. After all, it is not all about rate, but also conversion, which is determined by multiple factors. This is the scenario where AI prediction power is unparalleled.
Our client had three buyers (campaigns) for each brand. This means that he had the challenge to route calls among three buyers.
We connected a bot to the AI Engine and created an automated, self-regulated mechanism that routed calls, in real time, among potential buyers, always to the destination which had the biggest probability of maximizing NET revenue for our client

The facts speak for themselves. Revenues went up 20% all things being equal!

This is amazing, as this is done automatically and with no expensive telephony infrastructure to buy and maintain

From the buyers’ perspective, they saw better quality as they received only leads that historically convert better for each of them

The Results Are In

Repeat Callers can now be monetized!

The NET monetization of every lead is maximized!

Is our approach right for your business?