ROI of Insurance Leads Improved

A leading performance marketing agency turned to ROIVerify to improve the ROI of pay per call insurance leads for a national car insurance brand. The call campaigns were using IVRs and a Call Center to qualify leads.

The "BEFORE" picture

The client was getting many returns in detriment of his margins

The buyer was getting many leads from callers already insured by specific brands that the buyer didn't want to take

Simply put, the client needed better lead qualification to stop returns and make his buyer happy

Our approach to improving our clients' ROI

ROIVerify built a human-sounding custom bot that was able to ask a caller questions, as if he was talking to a human. e.g “How may I help you? Are you looking for a quote? What is your current insurance provider?”
As soon as the bot started qualifying  calls from consumers looking for insurance, conversion went up and no un-desired callers were transferred to the buyer!
  • No more returns
  • No need to pay the Pub for leads that barely met the minimum billable duration
  • 70%+ of leads transferred to the buyer were 20+ minutes long
  • No need for a call center anymore!
As a result of the better quality of leads transferred by the bot, the buyer saw a reduction in his cost per sale

The "BEFORE vs AFTER" pictures

50% improvement in Conversion

Almost 2X improvement in quality

Is our approach right for your business?