Performance Improved

A leading Mid-Atlantic automotive dealer group turned to ROIVerify to improve the ROI of a multi-million dollar annual online advertising program. Their ad buys focus on Google,, and Autotrader.

We started with key questions

Am I allocating the right budget to each channel?

Is my budget allocation across campaigns and devices optimal?

How do I adjust allocation to focus on the most valuable conversions?

Are my bids too high, too low, or just right?

Can I predict the return of my current portfolio next month?

What changes can I make to improve my advertising ROI?

And provided answers according to ROIVerify's approach

ROIVerify’s data scientists crunched numbers (we call this step BI) to understand the current situation.
Made initial recommendations for immediate implementation while initiating the process of building a custom AI model.
Used data from ongoing ad campaigns to train the AI model.
Produced an interactive AI dashboard for use by the client in planning future campaigns.

An example of what we learned

15% of total budget spent from 4pm-4am yielded almost no conversions $50K/year could be reallocated to hours that produce valuable conversions

Not all conversions are created equal

Assigning values to specific conversions makes analytics more relevant to your business.

Impact after one month – 71% increase in paid conversions

The client received their very own crystal ball

The interactive dashboard, refreshed monthly with new data, provides a tool for running scenarios and evaluating future preformance.

Is our approach right for your business?