Applying AI to boost your Leads' ROI

Introducing a powerful new technology for improving leads' quality, conversion and net revenue using Artificial Intelligence

AI Call Lead Qualification

Improve the quality of your call leads

Traditionally, agencies use IVRs or Call Centers to filter and qualify leads. Our AI conversational bots do it better and at a lower cost. Learn how we improved a campaign's conversion by 50%

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Got data leads?

Let our AI Bots follow up and convert your data leads into customers

Enter your data leads info into our system and let our bots start calling and texting your prospects until they convert.

AI Call Routing

Maximize Revenue per Lead

Typically, agencies match Pubs and Buyers one-to-one. This set up usually yields many long duration un-monetized repeat calls. Learn how our clients use our AI router to optimize call routing and increase revenues by 20%

Drive New Leads from

Google Assistant, Alexa and RCS

Voice search on smart speakers and use of RCS (Rich Communication Services) is growing exponentially. We build bots that can drive new leads from these technologies

Say, "Hey Google, talk to Cheap Car Insurance"

Let AI Optimize Budget Allocation

Maximize Conversions of your portfolio of Google campaigns

Typically, agencies optimize at the campaign level. Using deep learning, we predict the performance of each campaign and optimize the allocation of your budget to maximize the return of your PORTFOLIO

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